The JediHawk JokeList: Poems

I began collecting poems not long after I started the jokelist. I found poems running across my Eudora in-box right along with the jokes (although not nearly as many). I kept the ones I liked. Tell me what ya think!

I send out a poem on my jokelist whenever the mood strikes me. Sometimes the poems are funny, so they deserve to be on the jokelist. Sometimes they're heart-ripping tear-jerkers. I think there's real art in every one of 'em.

Here is a small part of my entire collection, converted over to HTML for easy-browsing. I add poems to this page every few weeks, so check back often.

AOL Wife (1.1k)

Dater Loster (0.7k)

Threes, Rev 1.1 by Duane Elms and Leslie Fish (previously known as Dog and Pony) (3.2k)

Family Tree (1.2k)

Gamer's Paradise (5.3k)

Good Friend (4.2k)

A few reasons why
guys like girls

A few reasons why
girls like guys

My Mind (1.3k)

Owed to the Spell Checker (1.2k)

Ode to the JediHawk (1k)

The Eyes in the Mist (5.0k)

What Love Is (5.2k)