My New 100% Natural Latex Mattress

Yep, I got it! When it came, it was folded and rolled up into two hefty boxes. Pictured here, several layers are still folded.

We carefully aligned all layers per the instruction video.

One thing I like about this natural latex stuff:  It’s soft, but it will never wear out or break down.  When I say “never”, I mean within the next 50 years, which means I’ll never need to buy another mattress.  I will pay for good stuff, and this is good stuff in every way.

After all three layers were positioned right, we put the cover on.  This is the cover I got from  It zips up from two pieces, so you lay the bottom piece down FIRST (I may have had trouble with this first step), then put the mattress layers on top of that, then zip the top part down over the whole thing.  It’s also machine-washable!

Complete, with another mattress cover I also got from  It’s this:

This second cover just goes over the top, like a fitted sheet, and it’s breathable but water-proof… ya know… in case I… spill my drink… in bed.

And don’t forget your cat.  Your bed isn’t complete without your cat.

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