Amazon Prime no more

I was an Amazon Prime member until recently, meaning after they jacked up the price to $120 per year. I don’t use Amazon Video, Music, etc, so the only advantage Prime gives me is “free” 2-day shipping.

I’m the kind of person who doesn’t care much how fast the thing gets to me. So I cancelled Prime. It was not easy to cancel. Amazon REALLY does NOT want you to cancel Prime. Really. Like… REALLY. They DO NOT WANT YOU TO CANCEL PRIME!

But… if they really really do not want me to cancel Prime, why did they jack up the price?

So now I’m Prime-less. Saved some money. I don’t miss any services on Amazon. I order stuff like usual. No problems.

EXCEPT… It seems to me that Amazon is deliberately delaying orders now. I only have a few months experience with it, but it definitely seems that they are delaying orders to make it take longer. I’m not talking about the type of shipping. I’m talking about the time it takes to get the tracking numbers after I order.

ALSO, some items I order regularly are no longer available to me. I went to buy another bag of cat litter, and Amazon said, “Prime only” or something. So I searched for the same item, found it for the exact same price, and now I buy those items from instead of Amazon.

It’s almost as if Amazon doesn’t want my business if I’m not a Prime member.

I’ll continue to post updates of my experience with Amazon after Prime.

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