Star Citizen is not fun

I’ve been investing in, and playing, Star Citizen since I heard about it a few years ago.  I’ve purchased many, many ships.  I’ve spent many, many thousands of dollars on the game, and to assist development.

Now that we’re well into alpha version 3, and things are really coming along… it’s not fun.  What do I mean by this?  Take mining as an example:

Mining is FRUSTRATING rather than fun.  I personally believe games should be fun.  That’s just my opinion.  I have a friend who likes to play games which are kinda impossible, and very, very frustrating.  That’s his choice.  I don’t play those games.

I play games which are fun.  That’s the whole point, in my book.

If you’re considering getting a Star Citizen game package, my recommendation is to get the minimum you can (such as the Aurora starter ship, like I did) and then WAIT another few years.

Will they make it fun?  Don’t hold your breath.  Christ Roberts wanted mining to be this hard.  They did this ON PURPOSE.

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