HOA = Home Owner’s Association = Evil

Yes, HOA’s are evil.  Some people in this world are only there to cause trouble.  Those types of people work at HOA’s.  An HOA is only there to upset you and order you around.

I used to live in a house in an HOA area.  Never again.  NEVER AGAIN.

The people who work in an HOA are evil.  There is no other word for it.  Try it and you’ll see.  Move into a house in an HOA area and live there for a few months.  You’ll see exactly what I mean.

I could go into details about what they did to us, the egging of vehicles, the legal threats, but it would be a waste of time and you wouldn’t believe me anyway.

Here’s the area where I used to live (from Google Maps):

HOA's are evil.

My previous HOA-controlled neighborhood.

It’s in Caldwell, ID, just South of U.S. Highway 26.  It looks picture-perfect (from Google StreetView):


It looks picture-perfect (but it’s HOA-evil).

Looks can be deceiving.  Once you move in and start getting your stuff unpacked, the HOA-evil will hit you like a cup of ice water in the morning.  After that, the neighborhood doesn’t look so nice any more.

Speaking of the neighborhood, I think one of the reasons the neighbors were so hostile towards eachother is because the HOA pisses them all off on a regular basis, so they are in a nasty mood all the time.

But not all the neighbors are nasty.  We had nice neighbors.  The guy on our left had been hassled by the HOA for years.  He used to work a graveyard shift hauling something with a trailer.  The HOA only saw his trailer out front when he wasn’t working, during the day.  But he worked at night, when the evil bastards at the HOA were sleeping.  So they fined him for parking his trailer at his house all the time.  He told them to go to hell because he moved that trailer each working night, but they never withdrew the fines (see?: evil).

Speaking of trailers, the HOA really hates trailers.  We used a trailer to help us move all of our crap.  It’s our trailer.  We parked it next to our house on the side where the street doesn’t go anywhere.  Someone called the police and reported the vehicle & trailer “abandoned”.  Some of our neighbors were very hostile.

So we moved the trailer each week, to prevent the “abandoned” thing from happening each week.  That’s when the egging started.  We eventually had to put the trailer into external storage at our expense.  The HOA really doesn’t like trailers.

Anyway, the point of all this is that HOA’s are evil, and I recommend you not live under one.  I never will again.  NEVER.

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