Simple Mobile doesn’t want my business

I make jokes with my friends all the time about how businesses don’t want my money.  When I go into a store and they don’t have what I want, I say to my friend, “They obviously don’t want my money.”

And my friends nods and replies, “They clearly don’t want your money.”  This happens a lot.

With Simple Mobile, they clearly don’t want my money.  Why?  Because they turned off my cell service.

“No problem,” I say to myself, “I’ll just ‘re-up’.”  So I call their customer service line (the only number that works on my phone).  I get an automated system which asks for info that I don’t have, such as my “Simple Mobile PIN.”  I’ve never had one, nor set one.  So I hang up and try to get a human on the line, but that doesn’t work either.  It seems like they don’t want my money.

“No problem,” I again say to myself, “I’ll just ‘re-up’ online.”  So I go to the Simple Mobile website and try to log in.  “We don’t know you, man.” they reply.

“Say what?” I ask myself.  I try two different usernames, including my email address, but nothing doing.  So I say to myself, “Self, you’ll have to re-set your password.”  So I click the re-set password link and enter my email address.

“Sorry Hawk, we don’t know you, man.” the website replies.

“Say what now?” I ask myself.  My username doesn’t work, and my email address doesn’t work?  Then I see a link to use my phone number.  “Hey now, that should work!” I say to myself.

So I click the link, enter my phone number, and the website responds, “We don’t know you.  Man.”

To summarize:

  • My username doesn’t work on the Simple Mobile website.
  • My email address doesn’t work on the Simple Mobile website.
  • And my phone number doesn’t work on the Simple Mobile website!

I say to myself, “Self, it’s clear Simple Mobile doesn’t want your money.”  And I wholeheartedly agree.

Boost Mobile logoThe next day I walk down to my local phone guy.  This guy, David, has helped me out with DSL service at home, as well as cell service.  I explain how Simple Mobile doesn’t want my money and he sets me with up with a new service, new phone, and life is once again wonderful.  I got a Samsung Galaxy S III (which is a wonderful device) and a service with Boost Mobile with unlimited everything for $35 / month.  That’s a promotion price, but no contract (yay!).  After my experience with AT&T and their contracts, I’ll never go on another cell-service contract again.  After 6 months, it goes up to $50 / month.  For unlimited everything, including 4G LTE service, that’s still a good price.

So it seems Simple Mobile doesn’t want my money, and Boost Mobile does.  Boost Mobile wins and gets my money.

UPDATE: Simple Mobile still had my account in the auto-billing system because they auto-charged my card $41.68 yesterday.  Now I’ll have to call ’em up and try to get a refund.  Such a hassle.

My new Samsung Galaxy S III with Boost Mobile

My new Samsung Galaxy S III with Boost Mobile

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